Stormwater systems are designed to take away runoff from rain. While most water gets absorbed into the ground, not all water gets absorbed and the water that doesn’t get absorbed has to go somewhere. If the water doesn’t get diverted into the stormwater system it can cause flooding and damage.

Roads can flood and people could be hurt or killed. The excess stormwater could also cause property damage and other types of damage to people, structures, and the environment. It is crucial that stormwater is safely taken away and for this to happen you need a good stormwater system.

Stormwater systems are made of pipes that carry away water. The pipes are underground and they carry away water that doesn’t get absorbed. The rain goes into the storm drains and then flows into a body of water. Stormwater is routed differently and it doesn’t go into the treatment plants it goes right into the water.

This is why it is very important that people don’t pour chemicals into the storm drains or other toxins. These substances can poison fish and wildlife and they can even get into the drinking water. You don’t want to put leaves or grass clippings into the storm drains either because they can clog the drains and lead to flooding.

Storm drains are complicated systems and you want to do what you can to keep them in good order. Never put anything in them. You should also keep the drains clear of debris so the water can drain. If your vehicle is leaking you should make sure that you fix the leak so nothing gets absorbed into the drain.

Never pour paint or solvent down a drain and try to reduce pesticides because they can get into the drinking water. You can also protect storm drains by being careful of what you put down the drains in your kitchen. You should never put oil or grease down the drain. You should also throw away coffee grounds and eggshells or turn them into compost.

Throw away feminine hygiene products into the trash and do not flush paper towels down the toilet. Water is becoming scarce and it is important to protect the things that go in the water. You don’t want to take any chances with the water supply because we need it to stay healthy. A good water supply is good for everyone and you want to do what you can to keep the water supply safe. A healthy system is going to help ensure that the water stays safe and this is good for everyone. You don’t want to poison the water supply and it is important to have a water system that is healthy. Doing your part to care for your storm water system can make a big difference. Taking care of the stormwater system is very important and you always want to do your share. The stormwater systems are designed to protect people and it is important that they stay safe from harm.