In modern times, we use makeup to show off our style, make a statement, and accentuate our natural beauty. Makeup can also be used to hide imperfections or even visually change the shape of our features. There are many “tools” for beautification, such as lip color, foundation, blush, and eye shadow. In this article, we will discuss how to apply eye shadow to create a look that is absolutely gorgeous as well as polished.

1. Select the Right Shades

Makeup is an art form, so while you can select any color that appeals to you, it is ideal to opt for colors that work with the color of your eyes as well as your hair and skin tone. Of course, playing around with makeup is a fun way to decide what you like and what looks best for you.

Brown eyes tend to look best with shades of green or purple, where blue eyes pop when steel-colored eye shadow shades are applied. Green eyes look wonderful with brown colors that contain undertones of rust.

2. Texture

Eye shadow is available in a variety of textures. For example, you can buy matte eye shadows, which do not reflect light and are therefore very good options for events and occasions that involve photography. You can also find eye shadow that is metallic, satin, and even frost, which has the most shine.

Matte shadow is generally worn to work, or for other daytime applications. Wearing matte shadow during a wedding is always recommended. You can use this shadow type to make a dramatic statement, but it will not cause light spots to show up in photographs. Metallic eye shadow is best worn for going out at night, as it is quite dramatic.

3. How to Apply Eye Shadow

You can use one or two colors from a palette for a classic, natural look or you can use five or more shades for a dramatic look. The lightest shade should be applied to the inside corner of the eye to brighten the face and make you look more alert and ready for the day. Just a small dab will do you. This shade, or another light shade, should be applied to just under the eyebrow.

On your lids, you will want to use a color that is slightly darker than the color you used on the brow bone but lighter than the shade you plan to add to your crease. Lightly sweep the shadow across your lids using a small brush with tightly-packed bristles.

Use a darker shade to the crease of your eyes, and then blend it with the shade of your lids as well as on the brow bone. This will prevent your look from looking blocky and unfinished. For dramatic looks, you can add this or another dark shade to the outside of the lids.

Eye shadow is a tool that brings attention to the eyes and can be the foundation for a gorgeous and dramatic look. Play around with different shades and textures to find the perfect look for every occasion.