If you’ve never hired an attorney, it can be difficult to know when you’ll need one. There are, however, some specific situations in which you can be very confident that you’ll need to hire a lawyer.

In times like the following, an attorney is needed:

If Someone is Injured

If someone has been injured, you may need to hire an attorney. It can be tough to know when to hire a lawyer, but in general, if you are paying medical bills, or if someone has been injured on your property or through your action or inaction, an attorney is likely needed. Don’t talk to anyone about what has happened, take notes for your own reference, and contact a local attorney as soon as you can, so that they can advise you about the situation.

You Might Go to Jail

If you are facing charges of any type, you likely need an attorney. They can help you to completely assess the situation and make sure that you are as protected as possible. Avoid talking to other people about what has happened, contact an attorney, and work with them to clear your good name. While it can be difficult to know when to hire a lawyer, if there’s a chance of you going to jail, it is pretty clear cut.

Divorce Complications

Divorce can be messy. An attorney can make it less so. They can help you fill out complicated paperwork, assess financial assets, protect your rights, and work out custody. Complications from divorce are much easier to avoid if you have a skilled lawyer in your corner, as they can help you handle court much more easily.

Custody Issues and Adoptions

When it comes to taking care of a child, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Gaining custody often means you’ll need a skilled family attorney in your corner, representing you and showing exactly what you have to offer. Whether it’s a divorce custody dispute, a grandparents’ rights case, a same sex marriage issue, or an adoption, a lawyer can help make sure that you have the correct custody rights applied by the courts so you can care for your children appropriately. Don’t make the mistake of trying to go it alone, hire a professional to represent you and keep you safe.

Contract Negotiations

When you’re drawing up a contract, whether business or professional, you need an attorney to make sure that your best interests are represented. Even if you totally trust the individuals that you’re doing business with, it’s important to go into the negotiations from a place of strength. Legal representation helps you do that, so that you can have a strong contract that demonstrates your interests.

If you are in any of these situations, or a similar situation where you’re concerned about protecting yourself, contact a local attorney today. A lawyer can help keep you, your loved ones, and your assets safe legally as you go through some of the most difficult times you may experience. Reach out today and find the right attorney for you.