Fireclay kitchen sinks are made of a highly durable clay fired and glazed at extremely high temperatures to create a heavy-duty, long-wearing product. While these sinks are quite costly, their benefits far outweigh their cost. One thing people like about these sinks is how easy it is to maintain them. They do not demand a lot of time and only require basic maintenance to preserve their looks. If you own one or are thinking of having one installed, here are a couple of fireclay maintenance tips for you to consider.

How to Care for Your Fireclay Sink

While these sinks require very little from you, with proper maintenance, you can keep their heavy-duty composition looking new and shiny for years. The great thing about these sinks is that they’ll not crack or discolor like other sink materials. They are also nonporous and alkali and acid resistant. It is also worth noting that fireclay sinks are made of eco-friendly, all-natural materials that are recyclable and are free of lead.

As a busy homeowner, you want convenience from the top-of-the-line products you select, and a fireclay sink delivers just that. To ensure your fireclay sink looks clean and tidy all the time, then follow these fireclay maintenance tips:

Fireclay Kitchen Sink Cleaning Tips

Rinse away beverages and food after cleanup

• Use a soft, wet sponge or cloth to loosen dried up liquids or food

• To loosen stubborn dirt, place a poultice of damp paper towel over the area for five to ten minutes

• Use an antibacterial detergent or mild dish detergent and warm water with a soft sponge or cloth for periodic cleaning

• After your done cleaning the sink, wipe it down with a soft cloth to prevent mineral deposits and water spots

The Dos and Don’ts of Fireclay Kitchen Sink Care

While fireclay sinks are quite rugged and almost impervious to harsh chemicals and acid, a few reminders will help prevent some risks.

• Never use steel wool to clean your fireclay sink as it’ll leave metallic marks on it

• When necessary, use mild abrasives like Rohl Astonish or Bon Ami to clean your sink

• If possible, avoid using abrasive liquids or powders and scouring pads to clean fireclay

• Never scrape off stubborn dirt or food with metal utensils

• Always wipe dry the sink after use, especially its bottom

• Do not drop heavy pans and pots into the sink

• Use sink wax in fireclay sinks occasionally to help improve drainage and to prevent mineral deposits and water spots

• Never allow acidic beverages or foods like tomato products, citrus, coffee, tea, or wind to sit on the sink for long

• If possible, put a soft-feet sink grate in the bottom of your sink

Fireclay sinks are known for being durable, stain-proof, nonporous, and their ability to withstand high temperatures. Because of these qualities, they require very little maintenance compared to sinks made of stone, metal or other ceramic materials. By following the fireclay maintenance tips provided here, it should be easy to keep your fireclay sink functioning as it should and looking its best every day.