If you live in an area that is relatively remote, you may want to consider installing stormwater basins. The purpose of this basin is to collect water from storms that dump large amounts of rain. They are primarily used to prevent flooding, allowing you to control the rate at which it is released so that erosion and flooding can be diminished. There are certain limitations to using these, as well as many benefits, especially if you are in a rural area where you may not have access to people that can help you with flooding.

Differences Between A Retention And Detention Basin

A retention basin is a basin that will contain the water. A detention basin, on the other hand, is primarily dry in between storms. When you see a retention basin, it typically has a wall that surrounds it. There will effectively be a pool of water there at all times. If it is only used to detain water for a small period of time during storms, then this will be simply a retention basin which will eventually have no water in it. When deciding on which one you want, it depends on why you need it. For protecting against flooding, the detention basin will be the best option. If you want to collect the water for any reason, such as to repurpose it for use in your home after a purification process, then the retention basin will be the best option for you. The water that you are able to store could be used in your home, or could have some artistic purpose. Landscaping comes to mind, but regardless of why you use the water, there is one main purpose for all of the basins that are created.

What Is The Main Purpose Of The Basins?

Whether you are using this to collect water, or divert the water in a more manageable way, they are always used to collect water that can cause damage. For example, if you are in an area where a substantial amount of rain can cause erosion, which could lead to problems around your home, these are going to protect your investment. Throughout the United States, and likely in most areas of the world, these basins are one of the easiest ways to manage stormwater. However, they do have optional uses such as the retention basins that can create very attractive features such as a standing pond which you will never have to fill with water.

You should have a contractor come out to your location to evaluate where to place stormwater basins. This should be done regardless of whether you choose to do this project on your own. It will require expertise, tools, and permits to install all of this. Contractors will know exactly what to do. Additionally, you may need to excavate a large amounts of earth, and this will require a backhoe and dump truck. It is best to leave this up to professionals that can create the exact one that you need, helping you to protect your home and repurpose the water for more positive reasons.