What do you do when your favorite hair dryer finally bites the dust? More than likely to panic, you cry and then you come to terms with buying a new hairdryer.

However, when you begin searching for a new hairdryer not believe the large selection that is available. There are those that are designed to combat frizz while others help to smooth out curls. It can surely take hours of time trying to find the best hair dryers for your needs.

You want your hair to look good and so do we. With that in mind we are going to walk you through three essential elements to help you choose the best hair dryer for your specific hair and needs.

It’s All About The Power

The more powerful they hairdryer is the faster it is going to dry your hair. If you have found that it takes about an hour to dry your hair, you more than likely had a low powered hairdryer. It is absolutely essential that they hairdryer you choose is filled with power. It is best to find something that offers high wattage which is typically 1800 or higher, which is best for thin hair. If you’re looking for that professional look and feel, search for a hairdryer with a wattage of 3600 or better. While these are typically going to be more expensive, they are going to offer the best results.

Choose Ceramic

If you’re looking for one of the best ways to smooth out your hair, to find a hairdryer that offers ceramic and tourmaline technology. Ceramic technology that can be found inside of a hair dryer helps to distribute the key at a more even pace. While the tourmaline is a mineral that helps to smooth hair by sealing the cuticles. This means that your hair is going to retain that essential moisture while fighting off annoying frizz.


Keep in mind that for your blow dryer to do everything that to do it is going to meet various attachments. For example, you are looking smooth your hair you will a nozzle attachment. It is best to find a blow dryer that comes prepackaged with a wide variety of attachments. This is going to help the save you money instead of having to purchase assorted attachments from your local retailer or beauty shop. However, in mind that the number of attachments are going to affect the overall process of the hairdryer. Keep in mind the type of attachments you use on a daily basis for your hair needs.

Choose the best hair dryers for your specific is not that difficult of a task. You will simply want to take the time to research various models and consider your hair type. It is simply a matter of remembering to get the most powerful hairdryer, one that offers ceramic technology as well as a wide variety of attachments. Follow these simple tips will find a hairdryer that will become one of your best friend in those early morning hours while getting ready for work.