Instant Pots are one of the most popular and trendiest kitchen appliances these days. It can perform an impressive range of different cooking tasks. So whether you would like to slow cook a large roast, saute vegetables, cook rice, or make yogurt, this handy appliance can do all of these things.

The most important decision that you will need to make is to choose the right size of Instant Pot to meet your family’s needs. You then will need to determine which functions you want your Instant Pot to be able to do and the amount of programming control you would like to have.

Instant Pot Models

There are five different models that are available, with each having slight variations in features and functions.


It is the most basic model, but it is still very good at the things it does. It is an affordable and excellent option if you mainly will be using it for basic kitchen tasks such as steaming, slow cooking and pressure cooking. There are 10 built-in smart programs, or you also can set it manually.

The Lux costs about $80. It is a 6-in-1 model that offers the following functions:




Cook rice

Slow cook

Pressure cook


The Duo comes with one extra cooking function compared to the Lux. You can cook on either low pressure or high pressure. It is the most popular Instant Pot model. It comes with 14 smart programs, along with the option to manually set your pressuring cooking time.

It comes with all of the functions that the Lux has along with the ability to make yogurt.

The Duo costs around $100.

Duo Plus

This model comes with everything the Duo has with a little. Along with the 7 functions of the Duo model it also has a cook eggs function and the sterilize function. The sterilize function makes it ideal for anyone wanting to sterilize baby bottles.

The Duo Plus model costs around $120.


This model offers more programmability. The main body resembles the Duo and comes with the same functions. The major difference is you can use an app to control the appliance. The app connects from your tablet or phone using Bluetooth.

It comes with 14 built-in programs and you can download many more from the app. The app also gives you a great deal of control over the cooking temperature and for precise results allows you to create programs of your own.

The Smart model costs around $150.


If you want to be able to customize and create your own programs without having to use the app, then you will want to get the Ultra model. It comes with a twist dial that allows you to set your cooking temperature in one-degree increments instead of choosing from preset temperatures. It offers 10 functions, which includes the ability to make cakes.

The Ultra model costs around $160.

Instant Pot Sizes

Instant Pots are available in 3, 6 and 8-quart capacities, but not every model is available in every size.

The 3-quart Instant Pot is best suited for cooking for one or two individuals. The 3-quart size is available in the Duo and Lux models.

A 6-quart Instant Pot is suited for families up to four people. All 5 Instant models come in the 6-quart size.

The 8-quart Instant Pot is suited for larger families and batching. Just the Duo is available in this size.