It can be tricky to choose the right mattress for yourself, but it can be downright painstaking to choose the right mattress for both you and your partner. You must consider a variety of factors and preferences when shopping for the best mattress for couples.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider When Buying Mattresses for Couples?

It can be hard to know even where to begin when looking for the best mattress for couples since you must balance the needs of two people. Below are some of the key factors you should consider when shopping for a mattress for couples:


Perhaps you love cuddling up with your partner. Perhaps you like your space while sleeping. Perhaps you even want the option to do both. The size of the mattress will matter whatever the case. When considering the size that would work best for your situation, you also need to keep your room space in mind.

Motion Isolation

It simply refers to how well a mattress can isolate or absorb motion along with how well it can keep the motion from reaching your sleeping partner. If the mattress has great motion isolation, you will be less likely to disturb them when you either get out of bed in the middle of the night or you change positions.


Firmness refers to how the mattress feels when you lie down on it. Firmness is rated on a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is the firmest and 1 is the least firm. A firm mattress provides resistance and won’t provide much give if a weight is placed on it. In contrast, a softer mattress allows for more ‘give.’ Firmness is purely a matter of personal preference and there’s no right or wrong amount.


Support is what keeps the body aligned while you lie in bed and controls how far different parts of the body sink down on the mattress. Support is affected by every part of a mattress and how well it can maintain proper spinal alignment. If there’s no proper support, you are likely to experience uncomfortable sleep and wake up with pains and aches, particularly in the back.


The feel of a mattress is usually a matter of preference, just like with firmness. It refers specifically to properties such as contouring and conforming. Some people prefer mattresses that conform closely or hugs their bodies while others find this feeling rather unsettling. Your best bet is to try out different kinds of mattresses with your partner to get an idea of what both of you consider most comfortable.

Final Thoughts

If you and your partner are looking to get a new mattress, you now know and understand what are the key things you should consider before you invest in one. You should also remember to research mattress blogs, read customer reviews, and be ready to compromise when you it comes to searching for the best mattress for couples to ensure that you find one that best meets your needs.