The fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to animal cruelty. The biggest one, of course, is fur, but fashion has committed a multitude of sins in this area. Directly, of course, there are the materials used to make the clothes and accessory that are “in” this season. Indirectly, fashion trends promote wastefulness and a disposable culture, teaching people that they need to get rid of and replace their clothes even if they still fit and are still serviceable.

Some companies, however, are trying to reverse this trend and use fashion to help save the environment. Ivory Ella is one of these companies. They sell high-quality clothing with good intentions; clothes that make people feel good inside and out. In this case, Ivory Ella’s good cause is saving elephants who might otherwise be caught up in the black market ivory trade. At the time of this article, Ivory Ella has donated more than one and a half million dollars to Save The Elephants, a charity devoted to stopping black market ivory hunting.

Wearing Ivory Ella won’t just make you feel good, either. It also makes you look good. Many of their items are adorably elephant themed, so if that’s your thing, shop away. Their items are great gifts, and you can tell the recipient that not only are they getting a fantastic elephant-themed present, they are helping real elephants too! Nobody can resist a gift that helps them and saves the environment without them having to lift a finger.

If elephant-themed isn’t your thing, that’s fine too. Many of the items sold by Ivory Ella are typical, stylish everyday wear. There’s pretty much something for everyone in their catalog. Sizes in most items run from extra small to extra large, and some items have extended sizes (XXS and XXL). They have both a seasonal catalog and a “classic fit collection,” which contains items which are less likely to go out of style.

Even if you aren’t shopping for clothes right now, Ivory Ella might have something you’re looking for. They also carry bags, backpacks, accessories, and more. Their catalog includes high-quality elephant jewelry, little plush elephants, and even mugs and hats. Any of these makes for a perfect gift for a difficult to buy for recipient. Who can say no to a beautifully patterned and adorable elephant hat?

In addition to saving the environment by saving the elephants, Ivory Ella also offers a pesticide free organic cotton line. If you are really determined to change the way you live, and want to buy only organic items for your body and your home, Ivory Ella can help you in this goal. Their catalog stocks over forty products made entirely of organic materials, from t-shirts and long sleeve shirts to hoodies and even running shorts.

Like many retailers, Ivory Ella has a loyalty program, called “Club Ella.” When you shop at Ivory Ella, you get Club Ella points that can be used to save you money on future purchases. If you’re the type who likes to save money now instead of later (who isn’t?), sign up for their newsletter. They’re running a promotion for ten percent off when you sign up, and you get 250 Club Ella points right away.

It’s more important now than ever to shop with a conscience. You need to make sure that your fashion purchases aren’t harming the world we live in. In one small way, Ivory Ella is helping to do that by donating money to the Save the Elephants foundation and by selling organic clothing. Buying from them helps to forward this mission.