It is estimated that around two-thirds of men start to lose hair in their mid-30s. Many embrace this change. They start trimming and shaving. However, this is not the case for all individuals. Some seek alternative ways to slow the loss of hair. Stopping hair loss now can be achieved through various methods.

Meditation and exercise can help to handle your stress levels. Stress can lead to excessive shedding of hair. Hair follicles are put in a resting stage by stress. This means that they can no longer grow. The hormone cortisol also floods the body due to anxiety. The levels of other hormones within the body start to fluctuate. This may hasten the balding process.

Studies have been able to point out that meditation could lead to the improvement of anxiety levels. This helps to slow down hair loss. Exercises have been found to inhibit the release of cortisol thereby stopping hair loss now.

Laser treatment can help deal with hair loss. These devices use low light levels to treat hair loss. This is an effective way for you to increase the density of hair on your head.

Low levels of vitamin D have been attributed to hair loss in some cases. This vitamin is essential in resetting of hair to its growth phase. Foods such as milk, tuna, swordfish, and orange juice should be taken to supplement this vitamin.

Sun exposure to ramp up the production of vitamin D is not recommended. This may lead to problems such as cancers of the skin. This should be avoided at all costs since it can lead to serious unforeseen problems.

The deficiency of iron may result in the thinning of one’s hairline. This is common for people with a plant-based diet. Such people need to eat more nutrients as compared to those eating food rich with iron such as shrimps. Such nutrients are better absorbed within the body. Hair usually grows back once the restoration of iron levels within the body is completed.

Stopping hair loss now has to be accompanied by a change in bad habits. Smoking and alcohol consumption leads to hair loss. Hair follicles are harmed by toxins that are contained within cigarettes. This ends up affecting the growth of hair. Hormonal fluctuations are also experienced due to the consumption of these substances.

There is a need for you to supplement your diet with nutrients that help in hair growth. Biotin can help you achieve this growth. Zinc ensures that your hair is stronger, thicker and longer. Marine collagen helps to promote hair growth.

You need to select hair products with care. Some products contain harmful elements or concentrations that harm your hair. Such products may lead to hair falling off. The right amounts of these products should also be used to ensure there are no adverse effects.

Stopping hair loss now is key to ensure you do not go completely bald. You need to seek the help of a certified dermatologist when you realize you are excessively losing hair. He or she will give you expert advice on what you should do to restore your hair. Treatment options will be explained by such as a professional.