Moving a dog cross country can be a cumbersome task but there are a number of tips you can consider that will enable you have an easy time when moving your dog. These tips for moving a dog cross country include;

1. Making A Trip To The Vet

It is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment your vet before you move your dog. This is important as you will be able to discover any health issues that may arise as a result of the movement. In addition to this it also ensures that your dog is not harboring any parasites that may be harmful to it or to you as an individual. The visit also ensures that your dog is up to date in terms of vaccinations and lastly the vet will be able to issue you with a health certificate that will allow you to transport pets across various border lines.

2. Stock Up On Dog Supplies

You used ensure that you have adequate pet supplies. Things such as pet food, medicines and pet first aid kits are very essential when it comes to moving a pet. It is also important that you ensure that you have a list of various emergency vet clinics. If your dog has prescription drugs it is advisable you carry the prescription with you so that in the event that the drugs run out you are able to easily replace them.

3. Make Pet Friendly Plans

You are likely to be going everywhere with your pet, it is therefore recommended that you make pet friendly plans so as to avoid any inconveniences. You should also consider looking for hotels that accept pets. You can also tour local veterinary facilities.

4. Plan For Potty Breaks

It is very important that you schedule potty breaks in between your trip for your dog. Most veterinary officers recommend breaks of intervals between three to four hours. In addition to potty breaks it can also be essential that you consider health breaks such as letting the dog stretch for some time before resuming the trip.

5. Hire A Professional

You can also consider hiring a professional mover to help you with moving the dog. Professional pet movers tend to offer a variety of services such as transporting the pet using a personal car, transporting using a private plane, arranging and helping you research on the best route to use when using a commercial flight. These movers are also able to navigate through conditions such as flight regulations and also quarantines. This option can be a bit expensive since most pet movers charge roughly one thousand dollars to relocate a small dog. If you want to hire someone you should ensure that they are registered with the agriculture department of your state.

6. Introduce The Dog To The Kennel

Moving might be somewhat traumatic for the dog, especially if the dog will be traveling in a kennel. It is therefore very important that you introduce the dog to the kennel so that they can familiarize themselves with it, they should spend a significant amount of time while in the kennel.

These are the various tips you can consider when moving a dog across country.