Do you have a lot of beauty products but are not sure they are safe to use while pregnant? Due to pregnancy hormones, your skin might require a little more care than usual. Here are some of the best pregnancy-safe skin care routines you should consider.

1. Always Moisturize In The Morning

Your pregnancy hormones are likely going to agitate your skin with parts of your body expanding and stretching. Therefore, you should always moisturize in the morning right after a shower. When you moisturize your skin, you can void any itchy tight skin often caused by the pregnancy hormones. Make sure you use pregnancy-safe moisturizers with natural ingredients to avoid any chemicals from seeping into your body.

2. Proper Hydration

Another pregnancy-safe skin care routine is proper hydration. Note that, moisturizing is completely different from hydration. The moisturizer acts as a barrier between your skin and the air to avoid water from evaporating. Hydrating refers to increasing the water content in your body. You can use hydrators but make sure they are pregnancy-safe. Alternatively, you can take a lot of water to keep your skin looking supple.

3. Exfoliate Once Every Week Right Before Bed

Exfoliating is an important practice you should continue whether or not you are pregnant. It works by removing the dead cells on your skin that often clog your pores. The new and fresh skin will be exposed so any moisturizers or hydrating products you use will penetrate deeper into the skin. Baking soda is a good exfoliant. It’s pregnancy-safe, natural and affordable. Even better, you can use it on any area of your body without any side effects.

4. Preventing And Treating Stretch Marks

Another skin care routine while you are pregnant and after you have given birth involves preventing and treating stretch marks. Currently, there are many products in the market to help prevent or treat stretch marks. You can find pregnancy-safe products that will remove the scarring or fine lines that form when your skin stretches to make enough room for your growing baby. Make sure you massage these stretch-mark removal products on the areas such as your hips and stomach every day for the best results.

5. Toning And Firming The Neck And Chest Area

You are going to gain weight during your pregnancy but there are many parts of your skin that need a lot of attention. Don’t forget to check your chest and neck area. You can use the best pregnancy-safe product to help you tone and firm your chest and neck area. You should massage the serum or gel into your upper chest and neck every morning and evening. It’s a good way to keep the skin supple, soft and healthy.

When looking for pregnancy-safe products, you need to check the ingredients and also check the manufacturer instructions. Certainly, you don’t want to use anything that will harm your baby. Make sure you continue the same skin care routines even after giving birth because your body needs time to heal and get back to normal.