Subscription boxes have become big business. Whether it’s for that monthly unexpected surprise to bring a smile to your face or simply the satisfaction of knowing that you will be receiving some really useful goodies and gadgets to make your life easier masculine subscription boxes are now part and parcel (excuse the pun) of today’s retail experience. The challenge of selecting that male orientated subscription box can be a daunting one – given that the choice is now so vast. It may present those who want to give you that perfect gift with a world of choice as well. So here are some great choices when it comes to a selection of perfect masculine subscription boxes.

1. The Dollar Shave Club.

this one tops the lists of great boxes – as judged by subscribers. In it, you will find a great selection of grooming products. Subscribers get to choose the frequency of delivery and the types of products they would like to receive. It not just shaving cremes and gels or razors. their inventory has expanded to cover shampoo, hair and beard grooming essentials and oral care products. With a cost that starts at $5 per month, you’ll be enjoying great value.

2. The Loot Crate.

There seem to be an increasing number of nerds out there who are interested in sci-fi and fantasy – and that is a great development. In fact, this box is a careful selection of goodies for those who subscribe to the ideals of fandom. The collectibles have been selected with extra care. You can look forward to desktop gizmos, toys and much more. Throw in the odd limited edition clothing item and you have a recipe for geek happiness. They also release themed boxes aimed at folk who love content like Harry Potter or Firefly. Great value – even at a starting price of just under $20 per month.

3. Bespoke Post.

Enhance your life with this fairly pricey (but worth every cent) subscription box. Subscribers receive a themed box full to the brim with tools and gadgets for the home, bar or just a pick me up for a unique lifestyle. Subscribers have the option of skipping a month when the products are not to their liking. It’s $45 per month – but the contents simply scream quality.

4. The Gentleman’s Box.

Everything you would want to present yourself as a stylish man of the 21st century is going to be delivered to your doorstep – eventually. This subscription box is filled to the brim with goodies such as ties and socks, as well as grooming essentials. The box will contain between four and six hand-selected items – each boasting great quality. If you are the modern man – this is the subscription box that you need. Prices start at $29 per month.

Subscription boxes are simply fun. They take us away from the tedium of selecting items that will allow us to enjoy a lifestyle filled with unexpected delight. Get a subscription today – or better yet – put it on your list for a loved one to gift to you on a special occassion.