A good daily skin care routine will leave your face looking flawless. Both women and men should get in the habit of cleansing their faces and using the right products that work perfectly for them. While there are hundreds of different cleansers, toners, and topical ointments for the skin, keeping it simple is a great way to nourish your skin, remove the unwanted dirt, keep your pores clear, and prevent blemishes from appearing.

Start With Your Cleanser

The first part of your skin care routine is the cleanser. It is the product you will need to use when you get up in the morning and right before you decide to get in bed at night. While there are many cleansers advertised on television, in magazines, and even on social media, you do not need something that contains too many ingredients because it may end up being a bit too harsh for your skin. When looking for a good cleanser to start using, search for a non-comedogenic product that is made specifically for those with sensitive skin. Even if your skin is not exactly sensitive, products geared toward those with sensitive skin tend to contain fewer harsh ingredients than other products on the market.

Always Use a Toner

After you have washed your face with the cleanser of your choosing, you will need to let the face air dry or pat it dry with a clean cloth. When your face is dry, you should apply toner to the face. The toner works to remove some of the dead skin while smoothing the texture of the skin, leaving you with a face that looks flawless. Different toners are available, but you should look for one that contains glycolic acid or salicylic acid, both of which are great products for acne-prone skin.

Moisturize the Face

Whether you have oily skin or not, you need to use moisturizer. In fact, you may have oily skin because your face is lacking the hydration it needs, so your skin is producing an excessive amount of oil. When you start using moisturizer regularly, you should no longer have that problem, but choosing a moisturizer to use is often a bit tricky. Some moisturizers can clog pores and you do not want your pores to end up being clogged because that could lead to breakouts. Search for a gentle moisturizer that is non-comedogenic and does not contain added fragrance. Look for something that offers SPF protection, too.

Use a Spot Treatment

When you end up with a blemish on your face, you can quickly tackle the problem and shrink the zit down to size by using a spot treatment. Benzoyl peroxide is one topical ointment that is affordable and effective. You can apply it directly to the zit or add a generous amount of it all over your face to prevent blemishes from appearing.

Follow these steps to create your own daily skin care routine. If you want to have healthy, smooth skin that is free of blemishes, these are the steps you should take each day.