As tough as it is to decide that you need to get clean, and your life back on track, it’s just as liberating. Knowing that you won’t be stressing about the next fix all the time is a good thing, which you need to embrace. But getting clean is more than just making a decision. You need to act on the decision if you really want to get your life straight.

Now, there are several ways you can go about quitting your addiction. There are also many rehabilitation centers you can look into. However, if medication assisted rehab has come under your attention, then this article can prove to be useful. So, if you are serious about starting clean, definitely keep reading.

How Does Medication Assisted Rehab Work?

As mentioned, there are different rehabs and different approaches to getting clean. But for the most part, all methods depend on detoxing. Starting a clean life means getting all the drugs out of your system. And while many think this is the most challenging part of quitting a bad habit, it’s not. However, it is still a tough time that some people just can’t handle.

This is where medication-assisted rehab can play an important role, seeing as it makes the detoxing process more bearable. After putting together a profile according to your personal information and history, the right medical treatment will be established.

The medical treatment will be used during the detox process, specifically to ease the symptoms associated with withdrawal. If longer medical treatment is necessary, it will be assessed by the medical professionals at the rehab. Because the last thing you want is to go from one addiction to another.

Does It Help To Stay Clean?

If you are wondering whether this type of rehab will help you to stay clean in the long run, then the answer is no. Keep in mind that medical assistance is usually temporary and determined on a case by case basis. That means if you want to stay clean in the long run, you have to look at other solutions to provide some support.

For example, find the triggers that kickstart the cravings and get them out of your life. Because the less you tempt yourself, the easier it will be to keep your mind on track.

Private Vs. State Rehab

When it comes to comparing private rehab with those from the state, it’s typically better to go private. Private rehabs are not overcrowded, and you won’t get put on a waiting list. There is also the advantage of having better staff to patient ratios, meaning better support and treatment.

The Long Road Ahead

Ultimately, everything depends on you and what you do after going through rehab. For instance, are you going to stick to the meetings and find some structure on the outside? Or you can join an out-patient program. The point is that every day will be a challenge in terms of staying clean. But it does get easier the more discipline you develop.