The finest curb inlets are designed to be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and ideal for the area they’re put in.
Here’s a look at what the best have to offer.


Going with an industry-grade curb inlet is the bare minimum when it comes to quality and durability.
Investing in anything else may be to the detriment of the area and may lead to flooding down the road. This is why it is best to go with solutions that pass all established tests and work well once they are set up.

H-20 Traffic Loading

Traffic loading is essential and has to be kept in mind when it comes to the curb inlet. Otherwise, the damage that can be done is not only bad for the part, but also the actual traffic that is going overhead.

This is why it is important to go with a product that has passed the initial rating test setup in America as the gold standard for traffic loading. This is the H-20 traffic loading standard.

It ensures the curb inlet is going to last for a long time and will be able to handle the duress that is put on it throughout the day.

Consistent Build

It has to be able to manage well when it is installed.

This means it needs to remain in place throughout the day regardless of the pressure that is put on it. This is essential for anyone that is looking to maximize rainwater around the area and want to sure it is heading in the appropriate direction when it is time for the curb inlet to go to work. If not, this can become a major issue that is difficult to manage and may lead to unnecessary flooding in the area.

As a result, the consistent build is a must and ensures everything works the way it is supposed to.

Multiple Designs

This product has to be able to mesh with the design in place and that can include a multitude of qualities. It’s best to choose a solution that’s versatile, easy to implement and is going to work wonders as soon as it has been installed. With the right curb inlet, it’s easier to pinpoint how everything is going to work together and whether it’s going to be seamless or not. This is why it is best to choose between standard and directional variations depending on how everything will be set up as the process begins.

These are the top qualities of the best curb inlet and what you are going to get from it over the long-run. Anyone that is looking to invest in a purposeful curb inlet will know it has to be industry-grade, versatile and built to last under established environmental conditions. This will vary from situation to situation but is going to have a role to play in how things unfold as time goes on. While making a selection, it is always best to go with a solution that is meaningful and will add value once it is in place.