Tee fittings are a very popular product available through many different channels of suppliers. However, many businesses in our industry are unable to secure these fittings for affordable prices due to the high leverage many suppliers have when selling these products. Lots of businesses simply settle for high prices when procuring tee fittings, when in reality, there are some great strategies they could use to lower the price on these products. Hence, here’s a guide on finding great tee fittings for storm pipes.

Any acquisitions committee within a company has to do an extensive analysis of various suppliers before making any investment decisions. This is especially true when it comes to important tools that the company needs for operations, such as tee fittings for storm pipes. If the acquisitions committee rushes this process, it’s likely they won’t be able to find the most reliable and affordable supply channels for this particular product. It’s recommended that companies place a high amount of resources dedicated to securing a great supply for these important tools.

Analyzing all of the supply channels in the market may take some time, and will involve the efforts of multiple employees. However, the results that will arise from having a large list of potential sellers of tee fittings for storm pipes will increase the probability of finding a seller that will be willing to provide the best prices in the market. Remember, there are lots of cases of overcharging when it comes to tee fittings. Lots of companies in the industry neglect to see that they also have leverage in this acquisition process, instead opting to simply accept any offer provided by their supplier.

After getting a reasonable idea about all of the suppliers of tee fittings in the market, the company should start proactively contacting each of these suppliers about the possibility of securing a deal. The larger the deal, the more attention will be gained from the suppliers. Hence, businesses are encouraged to look to secure as large a deal as possible if tee fittings for storm pipes are an integral part of their business model. Suppliers who are faced with the prospect of securing a large stream of revenue from a business will direct a lot of resources and attention towards satisfying this potential client.

Once the attention of suppliers has been caught through proactively reaching out to them, the process of negotiating can begin. During negotiations, the acquisition committee should make it readily known that they are also discussing the possibilities of a deal with the competitors of the suppliers. This disclosure will likely get the suppliers to become more open to the prospect of providing a much discounted deal on these tee fittings. Hence, using the competitive market to the advantage of the company, these negotiations will likely yield great results.

When a favorable deal for tee fittings have been secured, the company would also have gained a reliable supplier for these products as well. Moving forward, the time spent on finding such a supplier will be well worth the peace of mind experienced by management and the board for many years to come.