For makeup beginners, getting all the essential items in their makeup kit could mount a challenge, especially with the many cosmetic products available. Stepping up your game in the beauty arena would require you to get the right products in your makeup kit. The essential components of a makeup kit help you save time and money by focusing on what’s necessary.

Here are 8 essential items in makeup kits for any beauty enthusiast:

1. Face Primer

Great skincare is the root of great makeup. By preparing your skin with a tandem slathering of primer, you are surely on the road to great results with your makeup. It is also essential since it helps keep your makeup in place all day. What’s more, face primer helps your skin look smooth, while keeping your makeup fresh throughout. With different primer brands in the market, there is always one that suits you regardless of the skin type.

2. Concealer

In the case of acne, dark circles, or discoloration of the skin, concealer offers the perfect solution. They come in various formulations, and your choice lies on how much you want to cover up. For a concealer that is meant to cover acne, it is important to find a shade that blends in with the foundation shade for a natural look. For dark skins, it is advisable to use a pink or peach-toned concealer to cover them.

3. Foundation

It’s probably the most challenging part of the makeup routine to get right since you have to consider the type of coverage you need (natural/sheer, medium, or full) and also your skin type and undertones. For those who are new to wearing makeup, it is recommended that you seek help. Makeup artists are well-informed with the kinds of foundation and the complexions that they suit.

4. BB Cream

BB creams give a more natural look and are therefore common substitutes for the regular foundation. Some BB creams in the market have built-in primer, therefore, contributing to skin care through moisturizing and priming. Though BB creams don’t cater to darker skin tones, they are perfect starting places for makeup beginners since they feel lighter on the skin.

5. Blush

It is one of the items in makeup kits that you can’t afford to leave out. Blush comes in the form of powder, gel, and cream and is essential in tuning foundation with opaque coverage, which can leave your complexion looking flat. Regardless of your skin tone, it is always advisable to pick a blush color that gives a natural flush.

6. Bronzer

If you are looking for a sun-kissed look, bronzer is a makeup essential for you. It is recommended not to go darker than a few shades to maintain the blend with your natural skin tone.

7. Highlighter

This makeup essential comes in the form of powder, liquid, cream, stick or a powder/cream hybrid, with each of them having their benefits. Your skin tone is key to finding the perfect shade of highlighter and is, therefore, advisable to test different colors before buying one.

8. Setting Powder/Spray

Setting powder is also essential for keeping your makeup in place all day. Different formulations suit the various finishes and skincare benefits one could be seeking. Overall, if you want your makeup to last, get this makeup essential!

Makeup essentials are important for daily grooming and equipping yourself with the right ones is as important as getting the right outfit for the day. When using these essentials, it is important to make sure that you amplify your natural skin tone and maintain a natural look.